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Names and terms used in the light novel (and anime, where different)

(Yen Press)
Ahnya Anya Cat-eared Waitress
Aina Eina's elven mother.
Aisha Belka Amazon, member of Ishtar familia, aka "Antianeira".
Aiz Wallenstein Aiz Wallenstein (CR)
Ais Wallenstein (Oratoria)
Ais Wallenstein Member of Loki Familia
Allen Fromal Catman, member of Freya Familia, aka "Vana Freya".
Amaterasu An Eastern god.
Apollo A god, nicknamed "Phallus the Passionate".
Asfi Al Andromeda Asfi Al Andromeda Member of Hermes Familia, aka "Omnipotent Perseus".
Bell Cranell Bell Cranel Bell Cranel Aka "Little Rookie", member of Hestia Familia.
Bete Loga Bete Loga (Oratoria) Werewolf member of Loki Familia
Cassandra Illion Human, member of Apollo Familia.
Chandra Dwarf, member of Soma Familia.
Chigusa Eastern human, member of Takemikazuchi Familia.
Chloe Waitress
Daphne Laulos Human, member of Apollo Familia.
Eina Tulle
Eliza Amazon, member of Ishtar Familia.
Freya God
Finn Deimne
(Fynn Dimuna before v5)
Finn Deimne (Oratoria) Loki Familia's field general, a prum.
Ganesha God
Gareth Landrock Gareth Landrock (Oratoria) A dwarf, one of Loki Familia's commanders.
Gedo Member of Soma Familiar.
Goibniu A god of smithing and architecture.
Grale Member of Freya Familia.
Gulliver The surname of four plum members of Freya Familia, collectively known as Bringar, the Knights of the Golden Flame.
Sanjyouno Haruhime A renart, member of Istar Familia.
Hedin An elf, member of Freya Familia.
Hegni Dark elf, member of Freya Familia.
Hephaistos Hephaestus Hephaistos God. Hephaistos is a direct Greek transliteration, while Hephaestus is the latinised version.
Hyacinthus Human, member of Apollo Familia. Aka Phoebus Apollo or "The Sun's Favoured Child".
Ishtar A god of beauty. Rules the Night District.
Issen Douji A legendary hero, a samurai from the East.
Kanu Member of Soma Familia.
Lefiya Viridis Lefiya Viridis (Oratoria) Elf, member of Loki Familia.
Lena Amazon, member of Ishtar Familia.
Lilliluka "Lilly" Erde Liliruca "Lili" Arde Prum, Bell's party member and member of Soma Familia.
Liscia Amazon, member of Ishtar Familia.
Luan Plum, member of Apollo Familia.
Lulune Member of Hermes Familia, a chienthrope.
Lyu Lyon Ryu Elven Waitress, aka "Gale Wind"
Mama Mia Bar owner
(Miaha in v1)
Miach God
Mikoto Aka "Eternal Shadow", an Eastern human, member of Takemikazuchi familia.
Misha Frot A human guild employee.
Nahza Miach familiar's only member, a chienthrope.
Oujya Ottar Boaz member of Freya Familiar and Freya's personal attendant. The only current Level 7 adventurer in Orario, aka "Warlord".
Ouka Eastern human, captain in Takemikazuchi familia.
Phryne Jamil Amazon, leader of Ishtar Familia's Berbera, aka "Androctonus"
Raul Raul Nord (Oratoria) Member of Loki Familia.
Riine Arshe (Oratoria) Member of Loki Familia.
Riveria Ljos Alf
(Reveria Riyos Ahrve until v8/Oratoria)
Riveria (CR)
Riveria Ljos Alf (Oratoria)
Elven member of Loki Familiar
Rivira Santilini A historic adventurer who helped found the city of Rivira within the dungeon.
Runoa Human waitress.
Samira Amazon, member of Ishtar Familia.
Sharay Amazon, member of Ishtar Familia.
Syr Flover Waitress
Takemikazuchi An eastern God
Tammuz Human member of Ishtar familia, Isthar's personal attendant.
Tiona Hyrute Tiona Hiryute (Oratoria) Younger of of Loki Familia's Amazonian twins.
Tione Hyrute
(Hiryute in Oratoria v2)
Tione Hiryute (Oratoria) Older of of Loki Familia's Amazonian twins.
Welf Crozzo
(Krozzo before v3)
Welf Crozzo Welf Crozzo
Zanis Lustra Commander of Soma Familia, aka "Gandharva", the Wine Guardian.
Zeus A god.
Advanced Ability A higher level an adventurer earns when going up a level. In the English novel it is also once suddenly called a "Burst Ability" without any explanation.
Aiam Ganesha The Ganesha Familia HQ, shaped like a elephant-headed man. I can't help wondering if it isn't "I Am Ganesha"?
Ajura A tree that grows in the dungeon, with blue cherry-like blossoms.
Albella A trading company.
Almirage A rabbit-like monster. Can drop almirage fur.
Alter Assist A Supporter skill that increases carrying capacity.
Amazon A race of demi-humans. They are all female so they can only mate with other races, but their children are always Amazon so there are no half amazons.
Anphiteatom An amphitheatre. Presumable a mistranslation of ἀμφιθέατρον (amphitheatron)?
Arcanum The power of the gods. Mostly sealed away for those living in Gekai.
Ares A god worshipped in the kingdom of Rakia.
Argonaut Bell's second skill.
Ariadne Signposts Markers that guide you through the labyrinth of Daedalus Street.
Babel Tower The tower capping the labyrinth.
Bad Bat A monster.
Basic Ability An adventurers core stats: Strength, Defence, Utility, Agility and Magic.
Battle Boar A monster.
Belit Babili Home of Ishtar Familia.
The Benevolent Mistress The Benevolent Mistress Hostess of Fertility The sign read "Firtility" for the TV version. This was corrected for the home video release.
Berbera Ishtar Familia's core team of Amazon adventurers.
Blood onyx A gem that can be mined in the Dungeon.
Boaz Boar people.
Calamity Any disaster precipitated by the gods.
Celches A unit of measurement, presumably equivalent to centimetres or inches.
Chienthrope Dog people.
Cinder Ella Cinderella Shape-shifting magic.
Darubu An ore.
Daedalus Street (Daidaros in v1-6) Daedalus Street Daidarosu The direct transliteration of the Greek would actually be "Daidalos". Daedalus is the latinised version.
Denatus The quarterly meeting of the gods.
Deusdia Another name for the world of the gods?
Divine Knife
(God Knife in v1)
Another name for the Hestia Knife.
Divine Mirror An Arcanum that allows for distant viewing. One of the only Arcana allowed to the gods in Gekai.
Dizara Region
Dungeon Fly A harmless monster that generates light.
Dungeon Oratoria A collection of stories about the heroes of Orario.
Enigma An Advanced Ability.
Excelia Basically the XP earned by adventurers.
Falna The mark of the gods' blessing on an adventurer's back.
Firebolt Bell's "swift-strike" magic.
Floating Garden An altar build upon a ziggurat beside Belit Babili.
Folkvangr Home of Freya Familia.
Fomoire Fomoire (Oratoria) A monster.
Forge An Advanced Ability used by smiths.
Gekai The god's name for the human world.
Gnome Trader
Goliath A Monster Rex. Drops Goliath's Hide.
Hibachitei Welf's favourite bar, aka The Flaming Wasp.
Hearthstone Manor The second home of Hestia Familia.
Heavy Guard An Advanced Ability.
Hellhound A monster that uses fire magic.
Hell Kaios Aisha's magic.
Hieroglyphs The writing of the gods. In the anime this is a fictional alphabet cypher of Japanese kana. In the (English) novel it is Greek (e.g. "the hieroglyphic Ηφαιστος"). In the anime, however, the name Hephaistos is written on Bell's knife in the script used for human writing.
Hunter An Advanced Ability that boost Basic Abilities when fighting monsters the Adventurer has experience with.
(Ikoru in v. 1-3)
The power within the blood of the gods.
Ignis Fatuus A magic misfire resulting in an explosion of energy.
Immunity An Advanced Ability that negates poison and other ailments.
Irregular A monster that shows up in the wrong place, like the Minotaur first encountered by Bell.
Itty Bitty Shrimp Loki's nickname for Hestia (do-chibi).
Jyaga Maru Kun Jyagamarukun The potato puffs sold by Hestia at her part-time job.
Kaios Desert
Kenki Sword Princess Aiz's second name. Sword Princess is given as the meaning of the title in the novel (in the anime dialogue, "ken no hime"), but "Kenki" is used thereafter. CR's subs use Sword Princess throughout.
Killer Ant A monster.
Koine The lingua franca in Orario. In the anime this is written as a fictional alphabet cypher of English.
Liger fang A tiger-like monster from level 15 and below.
Little Barista Lilly's miniature crossbow. Not known for it's coffee serving abilities so clearly supposed to be "Ballista".
Loli Big Boobs / Loli Big Tits A nickname for Hestia among the other gods.
Luck A rare Advanced Ability
Lycanthrope A werewolf race.
Magic Control An Advanced Ability.
Magic Stone The core of a monster, and the main source of income for adventurers. They can be used for powering devices like lamps.
Meders A unit of measurement, equivalent to metres presumably.
Minotaur A monster. Drops minotaur horn.
Modern Magic Even Goblins Can Understand! Modern Magic That Even a Goblin Could Understand The Modern Magic even the goblin know In the novel the book itself has no title, and this was the chapter 1 title.
Monster Rex Another name for a Floor Boss.
Mythril A strong metal that is magically conductive.
Night District Aka the Pleasure Quarter.
Orario The Labyrinth City
Pantheon Guild headquarters.
Prum A race.
Rakia A kingdom close to Orario ruled by the god Ares and his familia.
Realis Phrase
(Learis Freese in v.7)
Single minde pursuit? Bell's first skill.
Renart A fox-person race from the East. The only animal-people with innate magic, also known as sorcerers.
Rivira A town built within the safe zone on dungeon level 18.
Schweizerdegen Bell's baselard.
Sesshouseki Aka Killing Stone, a magic item created from a Tamamo stone and a Toba stone. Used to capture the soul of a renart along with the magic, becoming a Morality Stone.
Spartois A skeletal monster.
Tamamo stone An item created from the ashes of a dead renart.
Tenkai The world of the gods.
Toba stone Aka lunatic light, an ore that glows and gains magical attributes when exposed to moonlight.
Twilight Manor Home of Loki Familia
Uchide no Kozuchi Haruhime's magic, aka level boost.
Uranus A god.
Ushiwakamaru and Ushiwakamaru Nishiki Two daggers fashioned for Bell by Welf from a minotaur horn.
Vals Valis Currency
Wall Shadows War Shadows A monster. They come out of the walls so..?
Wish A cafe.